Kayaking Companions Sought

Kris Ran Court resident Stephanie Yankey enjoys our community’s access to Piscataway Creek and the Potomac River, but she doesn’t like to go out in her kayak alone. So she is seeking other Piscataway Hills residents with kayaks or canoes to join her in weekend or evening boating outings.

“I just don’t like to go by myself,” Stephanie said recently, explaining that boating in groups of two or more is better for both safety and companionship. It’s more fun, she said, to have someone “to go with and talk with.”

Stephanie keeps a kayak at the canoe rack at Lot 39 Waterfront Park and hopes that regular boating trips will encourage more people to make use of the amenity. She believes the $20 annual storage fee for PHCA members is well worth the cost.

Anyone who is interested in getting together for boating excursions can contact Stephanie. Those without a kayak may be able to borrow one.