Piscataway Hills Day

Please join the honorable Rushern L Baker, III for Piscataway Hills Day at Lot 39 -Waterfront Park.  This event will happen on May 2nd at 1PM.  

Guest Speaker: Congressmen Steny Hoyer

The event will include the Proclamation of Piscataway Hills Day, a Piscataway Drive re-opening ceremony, and the recondition of a reconnected, restored and unified community.

RSVP to Paulette Jones at (301) 883-5600 or pljones@co.pg.md.us.

28th Annual Potomac Watershed Cleanup

Please set aside some time on Saturday, April 16th from 9:00am to 2:00pm, and join your neighbors as volunteers for the most worthy event.

As in years past we’ll be collecting trash:

  • On Lot 39 waterfront park
  • Along Piscataway Creek shoreline towards Fort Washington Marina
  • Along Piscataway Creek shoreline towards Route 210 overpass (again this year’s emphasis – volunteers are needed to park/walk in from 210)
  • On Piscataway Creek island

Gloves, trash bags, and water transportation will be provided, as well as morning coffee & donuts and an afternoon hotdog BBQ lunch.

If walking along Piscataway Creek shoreline picking up trash is not “your thing”, we also need volunteers to:

  • Help sign in other volunteers
  • Record trash items collected
  • Transport trash collected to Fort Washington Marina
  • BBQ chef for afternoon lunch
  • Take pictures of our trash bounty and heroic efforts

Hope to see you April 16th!

For more information, contact event coordinators Deborah Kutzled or Dave Lishin.

PHCA Quarterly Meeting


Welcome and Introduction of New Neighbors – Gwynn

  • Introduction of Guest Speaker, Don Herring, Maryland National Park and Planning,
  • Introduction of P.G. County Detective for District VII, regarding recent thefts and regarding 400 Miles of New Trails for P.G. County vandalism

Old Business:

  • Phase I Surveillance Camera Completed & Kelly Rd Squatters – Neal
  • Neighborhood Watch Program Update – George & Joni
  • FY 2015 3rd Quarter Budget Report – Don
  • Lower Piscataway Drive Repair Updates & Questions – Daisy
  • Piscataway Dr. Entrance Monthly Trash Pick Update – Debbie

New Business:

  • Phase 2 Surveillance Camera Starting – Spring/Summer 2015 – Debbie
  • Community Involvement in 400 Miles of Trails – Gwynn
  • Progressive Dinner Fundraiser for September 2015 – Gwynn
  • Relocation of 2015 Oktoberfest to Piscataway Court – Gwynn

E-Mail Notification: If you are not already receiving e-mail notifications about PHCA events and other community news, please send your current e-mail address to Treasurer Don Benedict

Oktoberfest 2013

Oktoberfest: Food, Games, and Trees on a Sunny Fall Day

Past President Gwynn Roberson serves the feast
Past President Gwynn Roberson serves the feast

An estimated 75 Piscataway Hills residents and guests enjoyed a sunny fall day at the annual Oktoberfest at Lot 39 Waterfront Park on October 5.

The food followed an appropriate German theme, including traditional bratwurst and turkey-stuffed bierocks prepared by Gwynn Roberson, PHCA’s immediate past president.

Maureen Bartee prevents underage drinking by twins Ryan and Colin
Maureen Bartee prevents underage drinking by twins Ryan and Colin

Gwynn also made drunken chicken over noodles, applesauce, and chicken sausage with red peppers and spinach. Diane Lishin helped with the food preparation, providing cheesy potatoes and baked beans.

“As usual, Gwynn Roberson took care of the neighborhood—hats off to Gwynn,” said PHCA Acting President Dave Lishin, while also crediting his wife’s able assistance.

The dessert table was overflowing with pineapple upside down cake, raspberry German chocolate cake, rum raisin cake, pumpkin cookies, and much, much more. Revelers also enjoyed a wide range of German and non-German beer and wine.

Kids enjoy the climbing wall
Kids enjoy the climbing wall

At the height of the event, which ran from 2-6 p.m., all the Waterfront Park picnic tables were full, along with numerous extra chairs. The new Waterfront Park playground again proved popular with the kids, who also enjoyed volleyball, badminton, and other games.






Black Forest Cake by Eva Mitter did not last long.
Black Forest Cake by Eva Mitter did not last long.

Eva Mitter, who moved to her home on Piscataway Drive from Tyson’s Corner in the summer of 2012, was attending her second Piscataway Hills Oktoberfest. She said she had “scoured the entire metro area” to find a peaceful home in a natural setting. “Getting up in the morning and looking at all the trees is simply amazing,” she said while relaxing at one of the shady picnic tables.

A first-time Oktoberfest guest, Bre Malone of Clarksburg, Md., was very impressed with Lot 39 Waterfront Park: “I did not know you guys had all this water and the beautiful trees.”


Shoreline Cleanup Removes 1,000 Pounds of Trash, 6 Tires

The Piscataway Hills shoreline is now more beautiful than ever, thanks to the 25th Annual Potomac River Cleanup.

Mike Kutzleb (right) and other volunteers load the 48 bags of trash and other debris they cleaned up into a trailer for disposal.
Mike Kutzleb (right) and other volunteers load the 48 bags of trash and other debris they cleaned up into a trailer for disposal.

Thirty volunteers from Piscataway Hills gathered at 9 a.m. on April 6 at Lot 39 Waterfront Park to pick up trash along Piscataway Creek. Working well past noon, the volunteers collected 48 bags of trash and six tires. At 20 pounds per bag, plus the tires, the workers pulled approximately 1,000 pounds of trash from the shore- line, estimated cleanup cocoordinator Debbie Kutzleb.

The cleanup included all the shoreline along Lot 39, along with about half a mile along the adjacent National Park Service property. Dave Lishin, the other cleanup co-coordinator, also picked up three bags and seven tires on the Accokeek side of Piscataway Creek.

Shoreline areas that had been cleaned in previous years had relatively little trash, allowing the cleanup effort to focus on additional stretches that needed attention. It was apparent to the volunteers that the annual cleanup has been steadily improving the condition of the Potomac River and its tributaries.

Beautiful spring weather aided this year’s cleanup effort, and the volunteers received coffee and donuts to keep up their strength during the work period, and were rewarded with a cookout at Lot 39 afterward.

The Potomac Cleanup is run by the Alice Ferguson foundation, which also runs the Hard Bargain Farm in Accokeek. The 2013 cleanup included 633 sites reporting from Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Washington, DC, according to the Foundation. A total of 14,586 volunteers picked up 312 tons of trash, including 193,800 beverage containers 27,400 cigarettes, 27,200 plastic bags, and 1,314 tires.

PHCA Wine Tasting and Jazz Festival

The PHCA Wine-tasting event WILL BE HELD today from 4:00 to 6:00 pm but has been moved to an indoor location because of the weather. It will be held at the Kutzleb home, at the last house on the left at the end of Piscataway Drive.

Entrance Cleanup 4/13 @ 1PM

It would be appreciated if you could send a broadcast to the Hillers to notify them of a clean-up day at the sign on Saturday 4/13 at 1:00 pm. Everyone will need to bring their own tools and trash bags (rake, hand spade, weed pullers, pruners, lopers to cut bamboo, etc.).

Thanks for your help,

Young Families Flock to Oktoberfest and New Playground

Oktoberfest 2012
Tables are filled for bratwurst and other traditional food at the annual Oktoberfest.

As many as 100 Piscataway Hill residents (but who’s counting) thronged to the annual Oktoberfest at Lot 39 Waterfront Park on October 20.

Especially noticeable this year were the large number of young families in attendance, perhaps eager to inaugurate the new playground equipment that had been assembled by community volunteers the previous weekend. The playground clearly met the approval of the kids, who spent hours sliding down the sliding board, swinging on the swings, climbing the climbing ramp, and crossing the suspension bridge.

kids playing
The youth of Piscataway Hills enjoy the new play equipment during perfect weather at Oktoberfest.
Attendance was probably helped also by the perfect fall weather. People were able to relax at the picnic tables in the warm sun and enjoy the traditional Oktoberfest offerings of bratwurst, apple sauce, potato pancakes, and a large variety of desserts. There were so many revelers, in fact, that the beer ran out by mid-afternoon, for the first time in anyone’s memory. Luckily supplies were replenished by an emergency trip to a generous resident’s refrigerator, and the party continued without interruption.

The many residents who stayed to the end of the day were treated to a spectacular orange sunset over Piscataway Creek and then enjoyed a bonfire as dusk arrived.