Lot 39 Rules



LOT 39 is a unique community asset of Piscataway Hills.  It is our window to open water on one hand and eastern wetlands on the other.  It adds to our property’s economic and aesthetic value.  However, as with anything of value, it must be used wisely else it becomes a liability.

Two things increase LOT 39’s chance of becoming the latter: more people living here increase the number having access to LOT 39 and LOT 39 has been discovered by outsiders.  Rules for what should and should not be done when using LOT 39 have been around for many years but not widely known or used.

The following updated rules, divided into GENERAL, DO’S and DON’TS were approved by the Piscataway Hills Citizens Association Board of Directors.


       1.  Owners of property within Piscataway Hills have free access to LOT 39.  In accordance with the Piscataway Hills Citizens Association Bylaws, however, use of LOT 39 capital improvements (boat ramp, picnic facilities, etc.) is restricted to Piscataway Hills Citizens Association members in good standing and to renters of property within Piscataway Hills who qualify under Article II of the Bylaws.

     2.  Facilities will be used on a first come, first served basis.

II.     DO’S:  Everyone using LOT 39 will:

     1.  Treat LOT 39 as you would your own yard, if not more carefully.  Remember, LOT 39, being for all of us, is subject to heavier use than our own back yards.

     2.  An Association member will be responsible and accompany any guest during their use of LOT 39.

     3.  Groups larger than ten will schedule their activity twenty-four hours in advance with the President of the Association or the Chairman of the LOT 39 Committee.

     4.  Bring your own fuel for your grills (dead and downed wood on LOT 39, however may be used).

     5.  Clean up afterwards.  Put trash in the cans; take any trash that will not go into the cans with you; remove any sports equipment you have set up.

     6.  Keep dogs and other animals from soiling the play areas or other frequently used areas.

III.     DON’TS:  The following are not permitted on LOT 39:

     1.  Use by persons who are not Piscataway Hills property owners, members of their immediate families living with the property owner, or renters of homes in Piscataway Hills without being a guest of and in the company of an Association member.

     2.  Leaving trash laying about, including any piled up around the cans.

     3.  Open fires except in cooking grills.

     4.  Putting hot ashes in the trash cans.

     5.  Any discharge of firearms (air guns, BB guns, fireworks, etc.).

     6.  Driving any vehicle off roadways except for maintenance or construction work or to deliver or remove picnic supplies, in which case care will be taken not to harm the turf.

     7.  Washing, repairing, or abandoning vehicles.

     8.  Riding horses, motorcycles, mopeds, all-terrain, or other vehicles off roadways.

     9.  Vandalism against structures, fences, apparatus, or signs.

     10.  Cutting, injuring, breaking, or uprooting any trees, shrubs, or plants except as necessary for LOT 39 maintenance or construction.

     11.  Unauthorized removal of any capital improvements (tables, benches, trash cans, etc.).

     12.  Riotous, boisterous, or uncontrolled behavior.

     13.  Camping without permission of the Piscataway Hills Citizens Association President or LOT 39 Chairman.

     14.  Engaging in sports in such a way as to hazard others.

President, Piscataway Hills Citizens Association


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