The Citizens Association

Why Become A Member?

  • PHCA represents you and your neighbors to any agency whose activities impact our area.
  • Fight adverse zoning.
  • Provides a voice for all of us to speak with a volume and make an impact beyond the capacity of any one of us.
  • Pays for the maintenance of all of the properties we hold in common.
  • Lobbies continuously for area improvements.
  • Keeps us appraised of legislative developments.
  • Sponsors neighborhood events (Octoberfest, book swaps, summer picnics, holiday parties, wine and cheese parties, progressive dinners, canoe trips, nature walks, Bay nature trips, community yard sales).
  • Maintains our entrance sign.
  • Funds the newsletter.
  • Funds the neighborhood directory.
  • Funds the website.

How To Become A Member?

Help make Piscataway Hills a stronger community by becoming a member of PHCA. PHCA organizes neighborhood cleanups, maintains Lot 39 Waterfront Park, works for neighborhood improvements, represents the community on local issues, and sponsors social events to bring residents together.
Dues are $40 a year.
Send dues to:
Piscataway Hills Citizens Association
c/o Don Benedict
13605 Piscataway Drive,
Fort Washington, MD 20744