Neighborhood Watch, Security Camera, Lot 39 Playground Proposed

Plans for a Piscataway Hills neighborhood watch, a possible security camera, and a proposal for a playground at Lot 39 Waterfront Park sparked lively discussions at the PHCA spring quarterly meeting on March 27.

PHCA Board Member Neil Ayers, who is organizing the neigh- borhood watch, told the meeting that no serious crimes had occurred within the past 90 days but that rims had been stolen from four or five cars in one night. He described several situations in which he had seen suspicious activity in the neighbor- hood and called the police, who responded quickly and in one case apprehended thieves who were stealing snow shovels.

Ayers called for volunteers and block captains to help organize the neighborhood watch. It had not yet been determined how detailed or formal the program would be, he said.

Another possible deterrent to crime could be a surveillance camera near the entrance to Piscataway Hills, Ayers said. Because there is only one way in and out of the neighborhood, a camera could potentially record all vehicles involved in crimes, he noted. By a show of hands, participants at the meeting strongly supported further investigation of the idea, including its potential cost.

Several parents of young children proposed that a playground be constructed at Lot 39 Waterfront Park. The cost is now estimated at between $3,000 and $4,000. Some participants at the meeting raised concerns about accident liability, and further investigation was recommended. A playground proposal might be prepared for a vote at the next quarterly meeting.