Pepco Replaces Power Lines And Poles In Piscataway Hills

PEPCO work
PEPCO upgrades lines and poles

Years of complaints from area residents about frequent power outages— seemingly during almost every storm—may have finally brought results.

Pepco crews rolled into Piscataway Hills late last year to perform long-needed maintenance work. Bob Hainey, Pepco media relations manager, said the project was intended “to upgrade the reliability on the power lines” in Piscataway Hills “in order to lower the frequency and duration of outages.”

“We completed the work on some of the lines in December 2011, which involved the replacement of 19,524 feet of primary wire, 8,637 feet of secondary wire, 7,888 feet of neutral wire, 25 poles, 8 transformers and tree trimming,” Hainey wrote in a message to Piscataway Hills News.

“We also replaced underground cable in two subdivisions recently; Piscataway Estates and Warburton Manor,” Hainey added.

He also noted that “our tree policy has not changed. Our assessment of trees that are hazards may not be the same as a homeowner’s assessment. We have always worked with communities regarding trees; alive, dying or dead.”